April Events at School

Date: March 27, 2019 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: Upcoming Events


On Wednesday April 3rd at 10:30 the band from Hadley/Philemon will be performing for us. We are excited to see some former students in the band. Parents are welcome to attend.


Greater Gatineau will be participating in its first ever Robotix Week. Students will learn how to “code” digital instructions and program robots to execute those commands. Grades K-1 will be learning “human coding” and will explore programmable Beebots. Grades 2-4 will build Wedo 2.0 Lego robots and program them to perform simple tasks. Grades 5 & 6 will be tasked with EV3 Lego robotix challenges. Robotix Week will take place between April 8th and 15th.


The Kindergarten grade 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 students will be going to Proulx Farm on Wednesday, April 10th for a sugarbush experience.

Activities will include a wagon ride through their maple forest and a guided tour of the maple syrup production. There will be small farm animals, a giant slide, several play structures and walking trails for the students to explore.

Students will be eating a traditional luncheon of pancakes & syrup, ham, potatoes, maple beans and juice. Taffy on snow will be served for dessert. This will be a great start to the spring season!


On April 15th and 24th volunteers from the National Art Gallery will be visiting students from grade 1 to 6 to talk about various artists, artwork, and exhibits that can be found at the gallery.


Grade 4 students will receive the second round of vaccinations on Wednesday, April 24th. If your child is absent that day you will need to make arrangements with the CLSC to get the vaccination.


We are raising money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Online donations are strongly encouraged. If you do collect money the envelopes are due back to school by Thursday, April 18th.

We will be having our “Jump Day” events during the week of April 29th to May 3rd. Children will be divided by grade and on their day they will be encouraged to skip for the whole lunch recess!

Our PALS student leaders will be assisting with some skipping related games for the children.

All who participate will get to add a heart with their name to the “Wall of Fame” in the gym. The days are as follows:

  • Monday = Grade 6 and Grade 2
  • Tuesday = Grade 5 and Grade 1
  • Wednesday = Grade 4 and Kindergarten
  • Thursday = Grade 3

The grade 6 students will be welcoming Constable Frederic Bock to their classrooms on April 4th. Constable Bock will be sharing a presentation on Bullying and Violence Prevention as part of our VIP (Violence & Intimidation Prevention) program at Greater Gatineau.


On April 8th the WQSB Drug and Alcohol Technician will be meeting with our Grade 6 students to give a presentation on drug and alcohol awareness.


On April 18th we will be welcoming the Hadley/Philemon Wright Student Life and Community Leader, Shayne Cowan along with several former Greater Gatineau students.

The team will be sharing information about Hadley as well as running exciting and interactive workshops on cyber-safety and other relevant topics with our grade 6 students to support their transition to junior high school.