Bus Safety Campaign

Date: March 30, 2017 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: News Bits


The teachers and students at Greater Gatineau did an excellent job participating in the 2017 Bus Safety Campaign.  This year the classes were able to choose whether they wanted to present the bus safety rules through a poster, digital slide show, or video.  An in-school winner was chosen for each category and they were as follows:

Slide Show: Ms. Boersma’s K class

Poster: Ms. Carey’s Grade 1 class

Video: Mr. Schultz’s Grade 5 class

Congratulations to these classes and thank you to everyone for their hard work and creative presentations of the bus safety rules.

Gatineau is proud to announce that Mr. Schultz’s class video won for the board wide competition!  This class will be awarded a free bus for a special class trip!