Daycare – Summer

Date: June 26, 2017 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: Daycare

We have had a wonderful year at the daycare with you and your children.  On behalf of Blanche Vallieres, Nathalie Cretes, Stella Guy, Lisa Bowers, Ellen Lorrain, Kimberly-ann Bastien, Lise Bacon, Amanda Wells, Lisa Marie Last and myself, Jennifer Plaxton, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy summer.  We all look forward to seeing you at the end of August for the new school year.

At this time we would also like to bid farewell to two of our wonderful staff members. Blanche Vallieres, who has been our kindergarten daycare educator for 17 years, will be retiring from the school and moving on to a new challenge working with seniors. We wish her well on this big change. Lise Bacon, who has been an aide at the school and daycare for 16 years, will be enjoying her retirement embracing her role as grandmother and part time motorcyclist. Good luck and drive safe.