Hours of Operation

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Daycare Daily Schedule

Morning service 6:45 – 7:55
Lunch supervision 10:55 – 11:45
11:45 – 12:35
After school program 2:35 – 5:30
PD Days 6:45am – 5:30pm

Daycare service begins on the first day of classes and runs until the last day of classes.

Morning Service

Morning Daycare is offered for no extra fee to regular daycare children.

To ensure the safe arrival of all children, parents or other responsible adults must accompany the children to the Daycare room for drop off in the morning and they will be requested to initial the attendance book.

Parents do not have access to the building due to Public Health guidelines. During the restricted period parents are required to wait at the door with their children in the morning until a staff member has greeted them. The children will proceed to the daycare room to check in with their educator.

Lunch Supervision

Daycare staff provides a service of lunchtime monitoring and surveillance during lunch recess. They also encourage healthy food choices.

The children remain in their regular classrooms during the lunch hour.

After School Program

After school Daycare begins at the end of classes. The children meet promptly for attendance before school buses leave the school grounds. Attendance is followed by a snack, then a homework session and then various activities planned and implemented by the educators. A period of free time and socialization begins at approximately 4:30 until closing.

The Daycare closes promptly at 5:30.