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It has been a long-standing tradition that a snack is offered to the children at the beginning of the After School Program.  The snack is paid for by the parents and grants (see Fees) and is prepared and served by the staff.

In accordance with the Canadian Food Guide, the daily snack is comprised of one serving of fresh fruit and vegetables, one serving of dairy, a choice of grain products, and a glass of either 100% juice or water.

A child who has an allergy will be required to bring their own snack to daycare.  The snack fee will not be charged to this child.  The snack provided by the daycare will also take their allergy into consideration and will not contain any items to cause concern.

The snack program has been put on hold for the 2020-2021 school year due to guidelines from Public Health. Snack will not be provided during the restricted period.


From Monday to Thursday, all students are provided the opportunity to do homework, study and read.  The time allotted to this activity varies with the age and grade level of the children (15 minutes for the youngest group and up to 30 minutes for the senior groups).  Children can always continue working on homework after the scheduled time if they chose to do so.

Organized Activities

All Daycare Educators prepare a monthly schedule of organized activities and post it in the Daycare area.

The activities include arts and crafts, food preparation, organized games, sports, and performing arts.

All supplies for the planned activities are furnished by the Daycare. At times Educators may request donations of common household items such as egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, juice cartons, etc.

Free Choice Time

Free choice time happens in the mornings, after 4:30 and on PD days. Children are permitted to bring toys from home to share with their friends.  These toys must be able to fit in their school back pack and must stay in their back pack during the school day. The children will be permitted to play with these toys only during assigned times. If children are seen with their toys at another time during the day this privilege may be removed.

The daycare is not responsible for loss or damage to these items.  Please discuss this with your child and use this knowledge to decide which toys are appropriate to send with your child. Electronic toys that can send messages or take pictures must be left at home.

This program is also on hold due to guidelines from Public Health. Children must keep personal items to a minimum at school/daycare. There will be toys and games provided by the daycare for free choice time.