The subsidized rate for daycare is set by the Ministere de l’Education et l’Enseignement Superieur each year. It is subject to change in January. The fees are guaranteed from August to December. New daily fee announced for 2020. MEES has increased the fee to $8.50/day. 

To qualify for the subsidized rate and be considered a regular student* you must register before September 30th of the current school year for a minimum of three days per week or take a spot vacated by another regular student.

A student who attends occasionally or in the morning only does not qualify for the reduced rate. The morning fee is $4.00 and the afternoon fee is $11.50/day.

All students, regular and occasional, qualify for the regular rate on PD days. There is an additional fee of $8.35 on top of the regular rate.

**Any parent or guardian who arrives after 5:30 pm will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute.  Repeated late pick up may result in refusal of Daycare services for your child(ren).

Fees 2020

Regular Student – $8.50/day

Occasional Afternoon Student – $11.50/day

Morning Only – $4.00/day

PD day – $16.85/day + Additional activity fees if applicable

Fees 2021

The Ministry of Education announces the new fees each year. The fees will be updated here when the new rates are announced.


  • Prepayment is required for all daycare service.
  • Monthly payments are due on the first of each month.
  • Any arrangements on the schedule of payment must be made with the Daycare Technician at the time of registration.
  • Sporadic payments are due on the day that the service is provided.
  • Payments may be made in cash, by debit or by credit card only to the Daycare Technician.
  • Personal cheques will also be accepted for payments.  If at any time a cheque is returned due to insufficient funds, this method of payment will no longer be accepted.
  • Cheques must be made payable to W.Q.S.B. Greater Gatineau School. Please indicate the student’s name and the time period on the cheque (ex: Suzie Smith, month of May)
  • If the account has not been paid in full, the child will be refused access to the Daycare until the account is paid.
  • The Daycare Technician will issue receipts for every payment received.
  • Federal and provincial tax receipts will be issued by the end of February.
  • Parents must supply their Social Insurance Number (SIN) to the Daycare before a tax receipt can be issued.