Health and Safety Measures


Emergency information

Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that the Daycare has up-to-date names and telephone numbers of people who will be available in the case of emergencies.  It is extremely important that parents share this information with their children.

The parents or guardians must inform the Daycare, in writing, of any other person who is allowed to pick up their child. That person will be required to show photo ID as confirmation of their identity.


Parents or guardians will be notified at once of any significant accident.  If they cannot be reached, the emergency number will be called.  If the accident is judged severe enough to require an ambulance, a staff member will accompany the child to the local hospital emergency centre.  Parents or the emergency contact will be advised so that they can meet the staff member there.

Should an ambulance be required, it is the parent’s responsibility to pay the cost.

Prescription medication

If a child requires prescription medication:

  • A permission form must be obtained from the office, completed and signed before any medication will be administered. This form is also available in the Communication section.
  • Only medication prescribed by a doctor will be administered.
  • The prescription or a copy must be left at the office.
  • Parents must bring the prescribed medication to the office.
  • It is important that the Daycare staff be aware of any serious health problems: allergies, diabetes, asthma, migraines, etc…

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is highly recommended for sunny days. Each child or family should provide their own sunscreen and no sharing will be allowed between friends.