Personal Belongings

Portrait of playful little girl

Indoor Shoes

It is recommended that children have a pair of indoor shoes to wear at school and daycare. Children bring in dirt and sand with their outdoor shoes. We would like to minimize this in the classrooms.

Change of Clothes

It is recommended that children have a change of clothes at the daycare. There are sometimes spills during snack or playtime or other accidents that require the children to change.

Water Bottles

All children should have a reusable water bottle at school and daycare. The water must be run for one minute before drinking at our school so a refillable bottle is useful.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen is highly recommended for sunny days.  Each child or family should provide their own sunscreen and no sharing will be allowed between friends.

Loss and Damage

The Daycare is not responsible for loss or damage of personal items the children bring to school. No electronic devices (phones, iPod’s, hand-held game systems) or trading cards are permitted at Daycare. Daycare Staff reserve the right to confiscate these items and hold them in the office until a parent or guardian arrives.

Personal items left behind at the Daycare will be held in “Lost and Found” for two weeks.