December at Home

Date: December 4, 2018 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: News Bits

Cyber Tip

Identity Theft is a crime. Impersonating others on the internet by writing content and claiming that someone else wrote it is wrong.

Pretending that you are one person and writing mean things about another is defamation and impersonation at the same time. This behaviour can spill over into the real world and cause problems for both the person you are pretending to be and the parson you are writing mean things about.

Did you know? As of age 12, people can be arrested, charged with a crime and have to go to youth court.

Here is a quick and fun energizer you can do at home with your whole family.

Tribes at Home

It’s called “Do After Me” Sit in a large circle.  One person begins by entering the circle and making a gesture, sound, or movement (the more ridiculous, the more fun), and then points to someone else in the circle to succeed him.  This person makes the same gesture, sound, or movement as the proceeding person made, and then adds their own performance.   They then choose the next person, and this person need only repeat the preceding action and add one before choosing someone new.

The game is over when everyone has had a chance in the circle.