February 2020 Events At School

Date: January 31, 2020 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: Upcoming Events


February is Bus Safety Month.  The theme will be “What is School Bus Safety?”.

Trainers will be visiting our school for two “Bus Safety Days” in February and meeting with all grade levels to discuss bus safety rules and procedures. The presentation will review: safety practices, bus evacuation, and bullying and teasing prevention.

As well, our school will be participating in the School Bus Safety Contest.

Classes will be choosing from one of the following choices:

  1. Banner –made with recycled materials
  2. PowerPoint/slide show
  3. Video (skit, puppet show, instructional video, movie trailer, etc.)

We will choose our winning class projects to submit to the Western Quebec School Board and three finalists will be chosen from all the schools across the board and the class from the winning school will receive one free local trip (maximum $250.00) provided by the bus companies.


February 17th to the 21st “Junglesport” instructors will be at Greater Gatineau to lead programs all week on their climbing jungle gym.

Their challenge by choice, all-inclusive program offers activities for students of all needs and abilities. Activities and challenges are modified and changed up for primary and junior students. Students will climb, crawl, swing, leap, balance and discover!

Parents must sign their child’s Participant Consent Form and return it to the classroom teacher before Feb. 17th. (forms to be sent home at a later date).


Grade 5 classes will be snowshoeing and building snow shelters in a nearby reserve. Students will take a short hike from the school to the reserve.

This is a hands-on study where the students will learn how to build a Quinzee (snow shelter) and other winter skills to use in the outdoors. The outdoor education specialist, Alan Earwaker, will be joining us for these activities.


Monday, February 3rd, to Friday, February 7th, is Staff Appreciation Week.  Students are asked to remember to appreciate their teachers and staff at Greater Gatineau School.


Coding and Robotics Week is an opportunity for students to develop digital competencies in coding (programming) and robotics.

Many of the students will have the opportunity to build robots with our LEGO robotics kits. They will then use basic programming skills through block coding to learn how to control and manipulate their robot to complete a task. This process utilizes and develops both collaborative and problem solving skills in an engaging activity!

This will be our second annual Coding and Robotics Week. It takes place the week of February 18th to the 21st.


On Wednesday, February 12th we will be celebrating the 100th Day of school.   Kindergarten and Cycle 1 teachers will be doing activities with their students.