February 2020 Monthly Assembly + Tribes

Date: January 31, 2020 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: Upcoming Events

February is CARING month. We hope to see students making an effort to be caring towards one another.

Please remember to wear your purple GG t-shirt to all of our monthly assemblies.

This creates a sense of community at the school.

Our next assembly will be on Wednesday, February 26th, where we will give awards to students who have shown caring behaviour throughout the month of February.

Cycle 2 @ 8:55

Cycle 3 @ 10:05

K+Cycle 1 @ 10:55



Now I Am” is a game to explore our feelings and recognizing those feelings in others.

  • Whisper a feeling or emotion into a participant’s ear
  • have them act out that feeling or emotion without using words
  • other participants try to guess the feeling
  • talk about the nonverbal cues we can see in others so we know how they are feeling
  • talk about a time that you experienced that feeling or emotion

Some examples of feelings;

● fear ● nervousness ● frustration ● itchiness ● tired ● stubborn ● surprise ● embarrassed ● love ● anger ● happiness ● hope ● soreness ● uncomfortable or you can choose your own