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Date: January 29, 2019 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: News Bits


Even When It’s Not a Crime, Cyberbullying Is Serious

When cyberbullying hurts someone, the bully can be held responsible in the courts. Being held responsible in this way is called civil responsibility. For example, there can be civil responsibility for ruining someone’s reputation.

Here are examples of actions that can lead to civil responsibility:

  • If you post pictures of people on Instagram without their agreement, you are not respecting their right to control images of themselves.
  • If you post personal information about people on Facebook, you are not respecting their right to privacy.
  • If you say things about someone and they damage that person’s reputation, honour or dignity, you can be held responsible for the damage to the victim.


Now I Am” is a game to explore our feelings and recognizing those feelings in others.

  • Whisper a feeling or emotion into a participant’s ear
  • have them act out that feeling or emotion without using words
  • other participants try to guess the feeling
  • talk about the nonverbal cues we can see in others so we know how they are feeling
  • talk about a time that you experienced that feeling or emotion

Some examples of feelings;

● fear ● nervousness ● frustration ● itchiness ● tired ● stubborn ● surprise ● embarrassed ● love ● anger ● happiness ● hope ● soreness ● uncomfortable or you can choose your own