January 2020 Monthly Assembly + Tribes

Date: December 18, 2019 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: Upcoming Events

Our next assembly will be on Thursday, January 30th, where we will give awards to students who have shown the chosen virtue throughout the month.

Please remember to wear your purple GG shirt to all of our monthly assemblies.

This creates a sense of community at school.

January is PERSEVERANCE month. We hope to see students who are always working hard and not giving up.

Perseverance Assembly

K+C1 @ 10:05

C3 @ 10:55

C2 @ 12:35

Tribes at Home

A great strategy to ensure that everyone is able to participate in dinner conversations is to use a “Talking Stick”.

Use any object to pass around the table, and only the person holding the object is allowed to speak.

This will help to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak about their day.