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Date: December 20, 2018 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: News Bits


Is Cyberbullying a Crime?

Cyberbullying can be a crime, depending on the situation and the type of bullying. Here are a few examples of when cyberbullying might be a crime:

Someone sent you dozens of mean emails. This person is harassing you, and you are afraid for your safety. This behaviour can be considered criminal harassment.

Your friend is spreading lies about a teacher to ridicule him and ruin his reputation. Since it is on Facebook, all of the students can read it. This behaviour can be the crime of defamatory libel.

Your cousin receives a text message saying that she will be in danger if she goes to the end-of-year school party. The message said, “We’ll break your legs if you show up!” This behaviour can be considered a threat.


A great strategy to ensure that everyone is able to participate in dinner conversations is to use a “Talking Stick”.

Use any object to pass around the table, and only the person holding the object is allowed to speak.

This will help to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak about their day.