January Special Notes

Date: December 21, 2017 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: News Bits


Thank you to all the families who donated this fall to our breakfast program. The contributions totaled $770.00 and this money is being used to ensure that all students have access to a healthy morning meal.

We would also like to thank our coordinator Veronica Yuill and the parents and students who volunteer to keep the program running smoothly.

The breakfast program is sponsored by The Breakfast Club for Canada and The President’s Choice Children’s Charity: Breakfast for Learning.


We are pleased to announce that Ms. Cusin will be taking the position of Vice-Principal for the year, beginning in January.  Ms. Cusin has been the acting principal for numerous years, replacing in the office when administrators are away at meetings.  She will make a wonderful addition to the administration team.  We’d like to welcome Ms. Wynn, who will be taking over Ms. Cusin’s grade 4 class.



I would like to wish all the families at Greater Gatineau a Happy Holiday and the best for 2018.  I would also like to thank everyone for the warm welcome I received just over 1 year ago when I joined this incredible learning community. While I am excited to begin my new role as principal at Chelsea Elementary, I am sad to say goodbye to the wonderful students, staff and parents that have become so important to me.


Andrea Gage