May Principal’s Message

Date: April 30, 2019 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: Principal's Message

We’d like to thank those who have sent in donations to buy hot lunches for our students affected by the flooding.

Currently we have 6 students who have been evacuated, and we are hoping this number does not rise.  However, there could be others affected in the coming days.

Some bus routes have been changed or modified, to accommodate for detours due to flooding.  We will be sending out REMIND messages to keep the community up to date on any changes.  It is very important for all parents to sign up for this free app; most have already signed up, but a few have not yet joined.

If you are affected by the flood; or know of roads that are affected in the next few days – please email me at

Some exams are starting this month, and others will take place in June.  Please look at the dates closely to ensure that your child will be in attendance for their exams.  Please pay close attention to homework, as review for exams will be sent home (mainly for math exams).

Please remember that if you’d like to volunteer for an end of year field trip, you must have your security background check.