October At Home

Date: October 2, 2018 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: News Bits


Talking to your children about what they share on the internet is a good idea. Remind them that once they share something on the internet it can never be truly erased.

A good rule of thumb for sharing photos or other content is that if you would be embarrassed for your grandmother to see it, then you shouldn’t share it. This goes for parents too!



When sitting around the table for dinner, families can play “That’s Me!” to learn about everyone’s day.

Taking turns, each person says one thing about their day.  If anyone else had the same thing happen in their day, they raise their hands and say, “That’s Me!”  This can promote further discussion on replies.

Sample statements that parents can use:

“I read something interesting today.”

“I learned something new today”

“Someone told me something today that made me laugh.

“Someone gave me/I gave someone a compliment today”.