All parents can help show their children that school is an important part of life. You can show this by:

  • Reading with your child at home
  • Making time for homework or discussion about the day together
  • Looking at the agenda every evening to make sure you are up to date
  • Communicating with your child’s teacher through the agenda or e-mail
  • Checking the school calendar and being aware of events at school
  • Attending events when possible
  • Let your child know that we are on the same side so they feel more secure

Parents are also invited to play an important role in their children’s education by becoming parent volunteers in the following ways:

  • giving classroom support
  • contributing a special talent such as offering information on a hobby or area of interest
  • noon-hour sports activities
  • assisting with special projects
  • offering assistance on field trips and special activities
  • Parents who wish to volunteer are required to apply for a criminal record check, paid by the W.Q.S.B.

Looking forward to working together as a team.