Health Services


Health Services

The school has a C.L.S.C. nurse assigned to help provide services to the students at our school.  They split their time with other schools in the area. They are not stationed here on campus. Accommodations can not be made for sick children at school. If your child complains of illness prior to leaving for school, arrangements should be made to keep them at home. If a child becomes ill at school, we will telephone a parent to have the child picked up immediately. If your child is too sick to go outside at recess or lunch, please keep them at home, supervision is not always available inside.

The local branch of the C.L.S.C. also provides a dental hygienist. They come a few times during the year to assess needs and provide services to our students.

School Procedures Regarding Head Lice

Although having head lice is not dangerous, it can easily spread. If a child is found to have lice or nits, precautions must be taken for all other children in the class. The following procedures will occur:

  • The parents will be notified and asked to come and pick-up their child.
  • To minimize the risk of infecting others, all children in the family must be checked for lice and/or nits as well.
  • Documentation will be sent home with all children in the class informing the parents of a case found in the classroom, procedures to follow and recommended treatments.

NOTE: The school staff and school nurse will provide help to parents but if you find lice please notify the school immediately. It is the responsibility of the parent to check their child(ren) for head lice on a regular basis.

Accidents in the School or Playground

In the case of any serious injury, the parents will be advised of this immediately. Therefore, it is important that all telephone numbers are up-to-date and emergency forms must be filled out and returned to the school.


It is the policy of the Western Quebec School Board that no medication is to be given to any student without a doctor’s authorization and the written consent of parents indicating time of administration and dosage. Parental Authorization Forms are available at the school office or on the website. Medication must be delivered to the school office or daycare by a parent or guardian and must be in the original prescription bottle or container.

“Over The Counter” Medication can not be dispensed by school staff.

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