Home & School


Who we are

The Greater Gatineau Home and School was established in Fall of 2014 after the former parent participation organization sought permission to reorganize as a home and school association affiliated with the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations.

The Québec Federation of Home and School Associations is an independent, incorporated, not for profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the education and general well-being of children and youth.

Our shared vision is that every student should have the opportunity to enjoy an enriched school experience.

By working together, provincially and locally, in the common objective of enhancing the educational experience of our children and promoting our local culture, we hope to contribute to the preservation of our school community.

More information on the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations is available at: http://www.qfhsa.org

Why join the Home and School?

  • Creating a sense of belonging;
  • Providing necessary funding, at the school level, to close the gap between available resources and current/future needs;
  • Supporting literacy;
  • Offering opportunities for parents to meet, discuss, share experiences, and learn from other parents;
  • Benefitting from Liability Insurance Coverage while volunteering for activities organized by the Home and School.

To join the Home and School: