Lunch Box

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Nutritious Snacks and Lunches

Our school recognizes that children must be well fed if they are to reach their full potential. We ask parents to support our healthy eating program by sending healthy snacks and lunches following “Canada’s Food Guide”. We have a breakfast program with a variety of food served daily and milk which is delivered to the school for students who require it.

All staff members will monitor snacks and lunches daily. Let’s make “good food choices” a community effort. The Canada Food Guide can be found in the back section of your child’s Agenda.

Some suggested snacks:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Cheese and other dairy products
  • Crackers
  • 100% fruit juices and snacks
  • Granola bars (no chocolate coating, no peanuts).

Please do not send chips, pop or candy in your child’s snack or lunch.

We do have students with severe nut allergies. Please do not send any food made from
nuts or nut by-products. See the letter on Communications page regarding our Peanut Free Environment.

Hot Meals

On Monday and Friday we have hot meals delivered to our school. They are provided by Mazzola.

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Pizza Program

On Wednesdays we offer a pizza program. The pizza is delivered to the school in time for lunch. There are a few sessions throughout the year that parents can sign up for in advance. Keep an eye out for the next order form coming home with your child.

Our Environment

We are working on becoming an “Environmentally Conscious School”. Please try and send “garbage-less” lunches and use reusable or recyclable containers. We recycle paper, plastic, metal, glass and we compost. Our cleaning products are now environmentally friendly.

Thank you for your help.