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Below are the instructions on how to sign up for Remind. You can receive push notifications directly from the app, text messages (some carriers), or e-mail updates. You can also see the actual updates here on the site under the instructions.

All Greater Gatineau families can benefit from the school reminders and daycare families, including those who only attend occasionally or on PD days will benefit from the daycare reminders.

To sign up for the remind app and get push notifications on your phone


1. On your cell phone go to the app store. Look for the “Remind” app


2. Download the app. Click on the “Join a Class” button

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3. For school reminders from Mrs. Link there are classes created based on your child’s grade level.

Codes for 2020-2021 are as follows;

Kindergarten student = ggs2020

Grade 1 student = ggsr2019

Grade 2 student = ggsr2018

Grade 3 student = ggs2017

Grade 4 student = ggs2016

Grade 5 student = ggs2015

Grade 6 student = ggs2014

For daycare reminders from Jennifer Plaxton the class is called ggdaycare.

You only need to sign up for one class as the messages will be sent out to all classes. The class code will follow your child as they move up at our school. Please sign up for your youngest child’s class so you will continue to receive the messages for the duration of their time here at Greater Gatineau.

To get reminders by e-mail

Go to you will be prompted to find your class. The class codes are the same as above for school and for daycare.



You will then be prompted to enter your name and e-mail address or phone number. We suggest e-mail because there are some phone carriers who do not support text messages from remind. If you have signed up for remind in the past you can go to your account settings to modify how you receive your messages. Push notifications will come up in the app and the e-mail option will send an e-mail to the address of your choice.


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