Principal’s Message-September

Date: September 12, 2017 Author: Jennifer Plaxton Categories: Principal's Message

Welcome back to the new school year at Greater Gatineau!  We are looking forward to a year of engaging learning experiences, fun-filled activities and exciting school community events!

Many of you have signed up for my free “Remind” app, which allows you to receive text or e-mail messages concerning important school news.  Our goal is to have ALL parents sign up for the app, so that you can receive important information.  If you sign-up, you will be advised immediately of a bus cancellation (bad weather), school closure, and other very important information.  Messages have been sent already regarding the school construction, and changes of procedures.  Please see the last page of the newsletter to sign up for this free app so that you can receive important information throughout the year.

Construction update:  The gymnasium is undergoing renovations to reinforce the structure of the walls, replace the heating system and be repainted.  It should be completed at the end of September.  Students will have physical education outside for the month and teachers will be using gym equipment that is stored in one of the Pods outside.  We are eagerly waiting to see the finished product!

The office area is being renovated and will have a second office for administration (as Mrs. Gage and I were sharing an office last year); and will have a “first aid station” to better care for students who are sick and waiting to be picked up.  The construction should be completed by the end of October.  Until then, the office is now located in a trailer in the schoolyard.  Parents can enter the back gate near the gym (it is closed with a chain, but not locked) to come to the office during the day to pick up or drop off your child.  Please close the gate once you come into the yard.  You can enter the trailer office using the door on the left, it will be open.

If you are picking up your child at the end of the day, you must park in the parking lot in front of the school, walk to the end of the parking lot (near the schoolyard), and meet Margaret under the white tent/canopy, where your child will be waiting.

Fire Drill: On the first day of school (for grades 1 – 6), we had an unexpected fire drill, due to the fact that a construction worker cut a wire and set off the alarm (those of you who have the “Remind” App are already aware).  The students and staff did a fabulous job during the drill and we are very proud of their performance.

Meet the Teacher Night:  On September 12th, at 6:00 p.m.  We hope that ALL parents can attend.  Parents will be asked to go straight to their child’s class, and I will address all parents via the intercom, while you watch a short PowerPoint, and then you will be able to meet with   your child’s teacher(s) to learn about the planning and routines for the year.

Emergency Procedure Assemblies:  These assemblies are taking place this week, and next Tuesday for Kindergarten students.  Mrs. Gage and/or I are visiting classrooms to explain emergency procedures that we will be practicing during the month:  Fire Drills and Code Red (Lock-Down).  An explanation is also given for “Lock-In”, where we would need students to come inside due to bad weather, an outdoor problem in the area, etc. Classes will be practicing procedures this month, and we will have drills.