School Life

A day in the life of a Greater Gatineau School student…

  • Start the day on the school bus or at daycare
  • Play outside with our friends and classmates before the first bell
  • Opportunity for breakfast club before the day truly begins
  • Learning in the classroom, could be math, language arts or social studies
  • Recess!!!
  • Back to class, maybe French, gym or ethics
  • At lunchtime we go out to play first or maybe we have joined a club or sports team or maybe we go to a Choice Recess activity
  • Time to eat our lunches
  • An afternoon of more learning, we might have science, art or music with a recess in the middle
  • Final bell rings and it is time to get ready
  • End the day on the bus or at daycare once again

Every day is a new adventure…