Code of Conduct


At Greater Gatineau School, we believe that all students have the right to learn in a caring and stimulating environment. In order to create and maintain this environment, a Code of Conduct has been developed.

This code defines the conduct that is expected of our students while also clearly identifying which behaviours are not acceptable.
Since our school is a TRIBES school these are our “Community Agreements”:

  • Attentive listening
  • Appreciations no put downs
  • The right to pass
  • Mutual respect

Our Philosophy

Any behaviour that disrupts the learning environment and the welfare of students and staff is considered to be a discipline concern and is subject to disciplinary actions.

Our school endorses the policy of zero tolerance toward violence.  As a result, any students committing such an act will be faced with immediate and serious consequences.  We ask for parental co-operation and support in keeping our school safe and free from violence.

Our discipline policy is designed to help our students to understand when they have chosen to behave inappropriately and to encourage them to learn and practice more acceptable behaviour and alternatives.  We encourage students to take responsibility for what they do.  We believe in working closely with parents in assisting their children to develop respect for all of the members of our school and to contribute positively to the learning environment.

Our Goal

Our school community, which includes students, staff and parents, will work cooperatively to create a positive learning environment that is safe, fun, peaceful and rewarding.

Complete Code of Conduct document