Dress Code


Every student at Greater Gatineau School must be dressed and groomed appropriately. The following guidelines are designed to ensure that everyone understands what is expected.

Rule Of Thumb: If you are not certain if your appearance follows these guidelines, it probably doesn’t!

  • Hair should be neat, tidy and natural in appearance
  • Fashion headwear is not worn in the building (i.e. baseball caps)
  • Clothing should not be torn (i.e. Ripped jeans, t-shirts)
  • Shorts and skirts should be an appropriate length
  • Necklines should be closer to the neck than the chest.
  • Tank tops with spaghetti straps are not allowed
  • Shirts must hang below the waistband (tops which show the bare midsections are not acceptable).
  • Pants must fit properly (those which hang below the waist and show underwear are not acceptable).
  • Shirts with large, low armholes (i.e. basketball shirts) are not permitted.
  • Shirts with offensive words or images are unacceptable.

The parents/guadians of any student who does not follow these guidelines may be contacted and the student sent home. Parents we need your support in this area, please review the list above with your child.

The students are expected to be dressed appropriately for the weather. In winter, this means wearing a warm coat, a hat, gloves and boots. In warmer weather a hat and sunscreen are a good idea. Dress for rain. All students benefit from a change of clothing which can be stored in their locker.

Students are expected to have both indoor and outdoor shoes at school at all times.

Indoor shoes must be non-scuff soles to protect our gym floor. Cycle 2 and 3 students will change into shorts and T-shirts for gym classes.