Mindful Moments


Our detention program has been replaced with Mindful Moments. Children will participate in mindfulness exercises to help calm their minds, some movement activities, specifically yoga, to help calm their bodies, and eating their lunch mindfully focusing on the appearance, scent, feel, sound, and taste of their food.

A Mindful Moments form will be sent home to advise you that your child attended and the reason behind their attendance. You will talk about their behaviour and fill out some simple questions with them at home. Then you will sign and return that form to school.

Mindfulness for children meets a great need to help them find physical and mental calm in their busy lives. Positive changes, such as a calmer atmosphere in the school, better concentration, and more openness have been seen with similar programs. The children become kinder to themselves and others, more confident, and less judgmental. By practicing mindful presence and awareness, children learn to pause for a moment, to catch their breath, and to get a sense of what they need at a particular moment in time.