Lunchtime Choice Activities

Walking Wednesday

There are a selection of activities available each day for the children at lunch.

We have an indoor choice room with various activities. Each day there are different activities offered to the children, such as “How to Draw”, “Just Dance”, Lego Challenge, Large Block Building, “Cosmic Yoga” and more. There are also small games and activity bins open every day.

We have a quiet choice room with colouring and drawing, independent games, books to read and other quiet activities available. This room is also a quiet spot for work completion or studying.

We have an outdoor choice activity supervised by a staff member with different activities planned each day.

We also have special projects and clubs such as GGTV, Walking Wednesday, Mindful Monday, Library Club and more.

We have our detention/conflict resolution room open each day. This is typically not a choice for the students but is assigned by a staff member. It helps the children to reflect on their behaviour and resolve conflicts they may have encountered.

Our aim is to provide many different adult supervised options to all students at our school.